Van Build Guide

Where to Start?

This van build guide is to help you consider all the details of your van, maybe some items you haven’t even thought about. From the initial van choices to the type of terrain you might encounter.

Promaster · Sprinter · Transit

  1. High roof, medium roof, or low roof
  2. Regular length, long length, or extended length van
  3. Regular wheelbase, long, or extended wheelbase

Promaster · Sprinter · Transit

  1. 3.5L Direct Injection (Gas)
  2. 3.5L EcoBoost (Gas)
  3. 2.0L EcoBlue (Diesel)

Promaster · Sprinter · Transit

  1. RWD
  2. RWD LSD (Limited Slip Differential)
  3. AWD

Promaster · Sprinter · Transit

  1. Insulation: thermal and sound
  2. Air conditioning / fans
  3. Heating: Propane or gas heater

Promaster · Sprinter · Transit Vans

  1. Awning, lighting
  2. Roof Rack, Cargo Box, Ladder
  3. Windows, Vents, Doors

Let’s get started!

Treeline Vans aim to build comfortable, worry-free travel off grid for over a week